Feb 25, 2019
Dororo (Anime) add (All reviews)
Emrylor (All reviews)
This anime will certainly become a masterpiece. The animation is very detailed and has a beautiful artistic style that corresponds well to the dark period of the Sengoku during medieval Japan. The fighting scenes are well done and pleasant to watch. The soundtrack is superb and perfectly follows the animation.

This anime has three main strengths that make me hope that it will become a great anime.

First, the wealth of its history based on Tezuka's manga published in 1967. The story resembles a Japanese folk tale that tells, if we simplify, the journey of a cursed samurai who fights the Youkais. The narrative is very rhythmic, complex, intriguing and entertaining.

Secondly, the themes dealt with in this tale and their interactions with each other: the search for political power at all costs, social castes, violence, misery, famine, human exploitation, massacres, the ability of individuals to be resilient and to adapt...

Third, the development of the special relationship between the two main characters Dororo and Hyakkimaru plays a very important role in the work.

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