Feb 25, 2019
SupremeLord (All reviews)
Continuing with our look at the non-canon yet still absurdly popular Detective Conan movies, we have the second one: The Fourteenth Target. Since this is the second movie, don’t expect me to be as soft as I was to the previous movie. This movie better do something more original and or risky or I’ll riot.

Sadly an issue this movie has right off the bat is that, in some ways, it’s a bit of a repeat of the first movie. Like, last movie was a series of bombings that had a pattern, and this movie is a series of murders with a pattern. Of course there are some differences, namely that the heroes find out about said pattern very early on, so the cast is moreso trying to prevent the murders while following the pattern.

This movie also introduced one of the most (in)famous memes in the franchise: Hawaii! Yup, every time Shinichi does something crazy, he’ll just hand wave it as him having learnt it in Hawaii by his father. In this movie, it turns out two of the things Yusaku apparently taught him was to use a gun and FLY A HELICOPTER! Like, I can see why he’d like to teach him the former, but what’s the point of even teaching him the latter!?

Another issue with this movie is that it’s final twist of who the culprit is ends up being predictable. Of course it is not gonna be the guy everyone suspects it is, we know that it’s actually gonna be one of the possible victims instead, so what’s even the point? Also, the actual culprit is voiced by Nakao Ryusei, the voice of Freeza. Because of course that would be the case.

Actually, on that note, that’s one of the amusing bits about most of the movies, most of the one off characters will often have some big name actors attached to them. I already mentioned Nakao, but there’s also the late great Suzuoki Hirotaka, Okamoto Maya and the late great Utsumi Kenji.

That said, there are some things that put this above the first movie, even if it technically does more things wrong. For instance, the whole scene in which the cast is stuck in an underwater complex is great, with the feeling of paranoia running through. I also feel this movie does much more service to Kogoro’s character than most of the anime fillers do. The thing about Kogoro is that he walks a very thin line between incompetence and laziness. The manga original stories moreso goes for the latter, as while he’s a good detective (Not as good as, say, Heiji or maybe even Yusaku but still competent) he’s just too lazy to follow more than one line of reasoning. The anime by contrast moreso goes for the latter, being legitimately bad at his job and only gets as far as he goes because Shinichi knocks him out. Here we get a happy balance, being shown as a bit lazy at times, but is still a competent detective in his own right. The movie is also the only Detective Conan related… thing that actually bothers to give an explanation as for why he and Eri are estranged. Oh yeah, this is also Eri’s movie debut!

Then there’s the climax. If you thought the last movie’s climax of the last movie was intense, well, this movie has the cast escaping an exploding underwater complex, then a hostage situation at the top of a collapsing building and THEN trying to get the now injured hostage into a helicopter. Yeah, I think we know which movie has the better climax.

So like the last movie, I really enjoyed this one. It had more issues, sure, but I feel that it also does a lot more right than the last one. Definitely another movie that’s easy to recommend.

Final Score: 8/10