Feb 24, 2019
atomheartother (All reviews)
Recommended for legit lolicons, i'd say everyone else can safely give it a pass. There's basically no story, the art is average, the only redeeming quality it has is the gimmick of a female otaku who's into an underage girl, and it's far from executed in the best way.

I didn't mind my time with this manga, without the creepy overtones it would be a solid 5/10 for average, but honestly i dropped it because i'd rather read a regular romance manga that doesn't make me go "eeeeeeh that's weird" every so often. I dropped it because after volume 2 i felt like i'd kinda seen what the manga had to offer cuteness wise.

It's cute in ways but as you can tell from the synopsis, yes, it's pretty creepy, even as someone who's usually comfortable with loli stuff. 90% of the manga's focus is on the unhealthy obsession of a college student with a 5th grade girl, while the rest of the cast is essentially a non-sexual harem of 5th grade girls. It's creepy and weird and the manga kinda tries to play on that, it's lighthearted and *never sexual* need I add, not even once (at least in volumes 1 and 2) but it still comes out kinda eh. Had some kinda cute moments.