Feb 24, 2019
Preliminary (11/? chp)
for a high school romance-related, the plot is pretty great.
at first, it feels weird and dull but after reading it for a few chapters, I found it surprisingly good!

a short summary:
it's about two yakuza's boss that wants to have some kind of an alliance between the family, they're having their grandchildren to be in a political-engagement partner.
the kids look normal at first, it turned out both of them quite twisted.

the gentlemen-honor-student boy turned out to be an asshole psycho-jackass.
and the pretty normal girl actually a strong badass lady.
then the girl dares herself to go through the marriage with the psycho-boy so she could prove herself that she's not a doting-spoiled grandpa child, something like that.

for the plot, I think it's pretty well written with all the yakuza's culture & conflict since it's not a thing we see or learn directly in daily life, writers pay attention to details not solely focused on the romance stuff.

for me, the romance part is perfect. I like twisted guy that falls in love nonsense-ly then become adorably possessive, and the girl is not the fall-that-easily-for-good-looking-asshole-yet-rich guy type make a really great combination. surprisingly there are sweet moments that really addicting.
the art is pretty great, how the author draws the character's yakuza tattoo in such beautiful details. however, the character design is not my cup of tea.
for the heroine, she's supposed to be cute or an elegant beauty, but for me, she looks pretty normal, but the personality makes the character looks better overall.

I enjoy this so much! I like a psycho-love story or twisted character that falls in love with absurd reason rather than a normal girl that falls in love with the nation Mr. perfect guy who is cool or rich or the top popular in the school. it's still ongoing and doesn't have that many chapters yet but it kinda makes me restless to wait for the new release of it!
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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