Feb 24, 2019
Craneface (All reviews)
I'm not a big fan of inhuman creatures, mostly because they usually play a role where they lack sympathy for other creatures.
Parasyte gave me a different point of view, and a good one at that.

I often glance over images of anime series, in case I have checked them out before.
This anime is no different at that, and oddly enough I always tried to look away when images popped up from this anime.
Mostly because I thought most of the images were gross looking.

But suddenly I got curious when I again, stumbled upon the Parasyte anime and then decided to try watching the first episode.
Instantly, I was drawn to the anime. Mostly because I had a need of watching something new and perhaps a bit different from what I'm used to.

I really like it when an episode ends with a twist and gives me the reactions: "oh my god" or "whaaaat?"
Each and every episode in Parasyte ends like this.

What really caught my attention was how the two main characters went through some intense development. Speaking of their personalities and their way of handling a difficult situation.

Getting used to all the gore and gross looking creatures didn't take as long as I thought it would, in fact, it took two episodes before I got used to it.
That's a relief from my side.

One thing that I really would like to point out is the details on the anime characters faces as they change.
If there is a person that has a problem with taking care of themselves and ends up drinking and similar things, their faces will be turning pale and they will be looking older than what they actually are.
That's realistic of course and it's indeed an awesome detail to add.

I enjoyed watching how the main characters trust in each other started to change.
In fact, they didn't trust each other at all in the beginning. I even started to think that things would never really change for the two of them.

Back to what I wrote at the top of the review, about how my point of view changed, regarding the unknown species, a parasyte in this case.

Through the first episodes, we were given the impression that the parasytes are brutal creatures that does nothing but kill humans without any second thought.
All of the parasytes I got to see were like this.
They are fast learners though. The main character quickly learned how to communicate with the human it had tried to take over at first. It learned how to communicate in words within one single night.
Well, I don't know if they at some point had their own personality but the main character was emotionless but a curious one. When it came up with a bunch of strategies it impressed me once again.

As these parasytes started evolving and changing into a different direction than what I thought possible, they all became confused.
They started asking themselves: What are we? Why are we here?
"We eat meat in order to survive and so do you humans. In the end, it's all just instincts that tells us how to survive."

Anything out of the ordinary has always frightened mankind. No, not just mankind but every specie we know of.
These Parasytes that were slowly popping up everywhere around humans, became rather curious on what purpose each creature has on this planet.
Some of them started observing humans rather than attacking them on sight.

"We humans protect other species because we feel alone. We protect the environment because we don't wanna go extinct. Look inside the human heart and all you'll find is self preservation"

I'm glad I watched the anime, I feel like the moral contains so much truth to it and it reminded me of how mysterious everything in the universe is.
How much we need to explore, and how much we won't ever be able to reach.