Feb 24, 2019
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
This one was just a good movie in general. I feel almost like you could take out the Pokémon elements completely and still have the core story of an irresponsible princess growing up into a stronger person, and I really liked that.

But on top of that, there was just a lot going on in this movie, and I think it worked here. There were four different treasure hunters/thieves on top of Team Rocket, and they actually all fit into this movie pretty well. I thought it was an especially nice touch that they each had one of the final evolved forms of the Kalos starters, rather than a more generically evil-looking, villain Pokémon. I saw this one after I'd finished the whole series, but this looks to have been set pretty early into XY, so it would have been really cool to see then. On top of that, each of our heroes had a place in this story, which doesn't feel like it should be a lot to ask, but there have definitely been Pokémon movies in the past where Ash is off being heroic, and his companions are just trailing along after him the whole time. In this movie, it really felt like they all came together to combat some great evil or threat, the way it should be.

I enjoyed the music. The visuals were really striking in this one... I just finished the Volcanion movie earlier today and was pretty disappointed, so I was just really pleasantly surprised at what this one achieved.