Sep 3, 2010
Symphonica (All reviews)
Although I was happy that most of the cast came back, it was far too confusing, even for a fan of the series like me.

First of all, I'd like to say that it takes a little bit of reasoning and patience to deal with the storytelling as it switches back and forth between two different settings. It could have gone over well, given that aspect but sometimes the sudden change even left me wondering what just happened. It takes a while to realise what's really going on. Moreover, it's a decent concept but lacks depth.

The same art style that was used for the original 52 episodes is still present here, which makes me smile, the characters still look the same, minus the minor changes in hair length, indicating time.

I thought the opening and ending themes sounded great, and the insert songs fit in appropriately, if you were to look up the lyrics somewhere you'd see what I mean. The only drawbacks that I'd note is that somewhere along the lined is deliberately timed slower. Not that it hurts the overall but in my opinion, it would have been nicer if timed correctly. Oh, and prepare for lots of cheesy lines.

I really must confess that even though much of the old cast returned, there were a few quirks here and there which disappointed me. Though most of the characters were the same as the original series, a few of them were very out-of-character. I also had a problem with the shallow actions of some of the supporting characters.

I must say that I didn't mind watching it but half of me liked the story while the other half wanted to stop and ban it as an insult to the original. Though it is necessary to watch the original 52 episodes first, I would say that when coming to this OVA segment, it would be easier just to stop before watching for those of you with low patience/tolerance levels.