Feb 15, 2019
pispis (All reviews)
It really boils down to whether you like the 2 main characters. If you like them, you'll like this anime. If you hate them, there's literally no point for you to watch it. The story, at this point, is kinda plain, not boring but not very interesting either. So I'd suggest that if by watching the first 3 episodes, the only impression you get from the 2 main characters is annoying, then you can safely drop it.

Me personally, I found them loveable. I loved their personality and their looks. I could relate to Ashiya's & Abeno's tsundere-friendship too. And overall all characters were loveable, it reminded me of the atmosphere of Shirokuma Cafe. Character score: 9/10

Jokes: The jokes were pretty funny. I remember laughing literally out loud quite a few times. But at times it felt as though the writer tried too hard. Joke score (i.e. my enjoyment score, since the jokes were the element that I enjoyed most about this show): 8/10

Story: I, as someone who believes in the concept of Jinn, found it entertaining to learn Japanese commoner's take on the unseen creatures. But I can admit that I didn't keep watching the show for its story. As most reviewers said, "story" is just simply not the strong point of this anime, at least for now. [Minor spoiler alert] But at times you'll notice that there's actually some depth to the story than it appears to be atm, like in the first episode, when Ashiya introduced himself to Abeno as "Ashiya", Abeno goes, "Ashiya? Ok, I've changed my mind now", and at later episode, the Legislator talks about how one of the reasons why Abeno hired Ashiya was because he was interested in Ashiya's first name, that that first name means something to Abeno. Nonetheless, the story score as of 1st season is: 5/10

Art: I don't have much to say other than that the characters and the animation could look slightly better in some scenes. That doesn't mean it was awful, though. Art score: 7/10

Sound (Voice Actors-wise): The Japenese VAs did a really great job. The acting was superb. Sound score (VA): 10/10

Sound (OST/BGM/SFX-wise): The OP & the ED were decent. The BGM & the SFX were perfect. Sound score (OST/BGM/SFX): 8/10

Overall: 7/10... It was good. I can rewatch it if I'm too bored and don't know what else to watch.