Feb 14, 2019
Dororo (Anime) add (All reviews)
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NOTE: I highly suggest going into this one blind, it will be a much better experience.

Review updated at Episode 21.

Dororo 2019 started very well, and I had many expectations for the story going forward. It didn't meet many, but still does manage to be a overall good experience.

Like many other MAPPA shows, dororo has seemed to take a huge dip in quality around the second half, and has been getting very repetitive for 24 episodes. What started as thrilling and very good looking action show with two interesting main characters, became a demon of the week episodic mess.

So as far as story goes, there is a nice story and quite interesting, but taking too long to get to it. Hyakkimaru is born and fed to the demons in exchange for peace, he ends up living and each demon he kills he can get back his body parts, along the way meets Dororo and the adventures begin. I understand he needs to kill demons for bodyparts, but when every episode it is a new and boring demon with frankly not much effort put into it, I can't help but be disappointed.

Animation? It's decent now. The animation in the first half was beautiful, some very good looking and crisp stuff then took a dip and is now just fine. The show has been using many freeze frames lately and many faults, such as running scenes look like they are just going up and down, other than that it's still acceptable.

Sound is pretty good. The ost's IMO aren't very memorable, but definitely add to the environment and mood that the series is trying to portray. The sound effects are also good, no complaints from me there.

Art is decent. Follows the classy historical samurai art feel with the character designs and environment, main fault being many outside/side characters looking like straight blobs at times.

Characters... It's hard to make a character that can't really speak for the majority of the show interesting, but still manages to pull it off. I enjoy the Dororo and Hyakkimaru duo, they both have their own development and it is cool to see. Hyakkimaru especially, learning human emotions as all he has ever known is killing demons. There really aren't many side characters except for the family, the show heavily focuses on this duo.

TLDR: Interesting story that quite frankly should not be 24 episodes. If you can handle many episodic demon of the week stuff, you might like this one. If you want some huge story from episode 1 to 24, it might not meet expectations.