Feb 13, 2019
shai_manuel (All reviews)
I never posted a review if its not a good one.
Over all 10/10 for me!

I really never thought that I would fall in love with its story! Very cute i got hooked so easily!

Story :
Its story is very interesting lots of twist that would make you want to finish this immediately! I cant even sleep without thinking what will happen next so I end up reading the next chapter. The story is jusy normal a human falls in love with a demon but there are lots of things happened that would make the story exciting! Their love story is very cute, sweet, young and heart-warming that every gurl would dream a love story like this!

I love every character of it! Especially Mizuki! He is very emotional and affectionate everytime he is sad, it makes me cry! I love him he is so childish in a very cute and adorable way! Tomoe is cool and hot! Nanami is strong, but sometimes gets in my nerve because she never listen. Next that I love is Mikage! He looks handsome he reminds me of James of Pokemon! He is very respected and I understand why! I like him soo much! The rest are very good they all have a very unique role in the series!

I enjoyed it a lot! I prefer reading manga than watching its anime! But i love Mizuki's voice(Japanese) sooo i watched it too! I really love this soooo much!