Feb 11, 2019
Nielszche (All reviews)
I like "simple plot" animes like Girls und Panzer, Strike Witches, Jojo, Nichijou, Konosuba, Gate, Angel Beatsand Girly Air Force, even though I can go deep inside awesome animes like Hellsing or Uchuu Kyoudai.

Anyway, when I watch some Girly Air Force episodes, I want to chill and have fun, watching waifus defying aerodynamics and physics, developing some random love interest, but also having epix 3D dogfight with electronic happy music.

Why this anime ? Why do I review it with such a good note ?
Because when I watch animes, it's really when chilling. Girly Air Force : cool music, cute characters, epic moments, beautiful 3D animations and EXPLOSIONS Guren Lagann like : if I want to smile and just have fun, Girly Air Force is great !

Lot of people told me that I'm watching shitty anime, but first of all, I know this is NOT the best anime for everyone. But as a pilot, a gamer, a waifu lover and a musician, this anime is my little moment of smile through the weeks.

And YES, fucking "planes" if they are pink haired and cute isn't a problem, no FBI call she is a plane.

(Yes I'm kind with the marks. for me , 10/10 isn't unaccessible, if I love it, I put 10/10 without worrying.)