Feb 11, 2019
JMETAL22 (All reviews)
This review will have spoilers. You have been warned

Well, that was fucking terrible. I’ve never wanted to kill any anime character as much as Makoto. But we’ll get to that. For now, let’s review this fucking garbage. My god what a mess of a series on all accounts. First off, where was the budget in this? Who wrote this? Why did they take it in this direction? What the fuck?

Art is a 4. Jesus, this show’s animation does not age well. Some shots look sloppily drawn. A lot of still images over animation in a ton of scenes. The only times when the animation doesn’t look terrible is when there’s tits shoved in your face and when someone is getting stabbed. The character designs are the most basic designs I’ve ever seen

Sound is a 5. Most generic soundtrack ever produced. They really focused on quantity over quality this time around, because I’m not joking when I say this soundtrack has 41 songs. Some songs I’ve never heard in the anime, others that sound exactly alike. Does the animation look terrible because they spent their budget on the soundtrack with only 2 good songs? What the fuck? Most of the voice acting was terrible. There are like maybe 2 good performances and that was it.

Story is a 3. God, what a fucking mess. None of the actions of the characters seem realistic. A lot of contrivances in the events that unfold. A lot of the problems in the story involve Makoto, but we'll get to that really soon. The plot is not structured really well. Most actions are caused from convenience or deception from characters. Overall, a gigantic mess of a story that only gets good at the ending. And the ending is the best part of the show, without question. Nice boat ;)

Character is a 1. Easily the worst part of the show are the characters. Kotonoha is the only character you can empathize with, because she had the terrible fate of being in this shitshow, and she gets treated like shit by everyone else. All of the characters are terrible human beings. They all lie, cheat, and deceive to get what they want. And that brings me to the worst anime character of all time, Makoto. God, this character is the fucking worst. Cheating on both of his girlfriends just to get his rocks off with anyone else. How am I supposed to root for this cunt? He breaks the hearts of many, but he just doesn’t give a fuck. He ultimately is what’s terrible about the show.

Enjoyment is a 2. Pretty self explanatory. I wanted to blow my brains out every time I started a new episode. The only episode I enjoyed watching was the last one.

Overall: 3. I don’t recommend this to anyone. If you feel like punching a hole in your TV, be my guest. But for me, fuck this show