Feb 11, 2019
Skana (All reviews)
The hero's journey. A story as old as the world, which overlooks a person's cultural baggage already reading fairy tales and fables. The journey of a protagonist who wants to reach a certain goal, often accompanied by a group of other bizarre characters who act as helpers facing the many challenges on the road.

Impossible to ignore the parallel in "TTGL", a series that deeply reworks the classic story in an epic key, setting the story in an initially dystopian world: Simon is a boy who is part of one of the many humans, villages built underground is avoided and teased by the other inhabitants except by Kamina, the head of the brigade Gurren, a group of men always ready to make a drink together. A day like many, after yet another punishment against Kamina, who claims that beyond the ceiling of the cave there is a surface, a mysterious giant robot falls from it along with a girl named Yoko. She explains to the two boys that the robot is called Gunmen and attacks all the humans who come out of the underground villages. With the help of the giant face of a robot found by chance by Simon and operated by a small drill found always digging, the three defeat the enemy and start their adventure in the open air to find out what they want from them the mysterious men beast that drive the Gunmen.

The perfect beginning of the emblematic tale of the hero and the story cleverly deceive the spectator, to try to make the true protagonist of the anime as less obvious as possible. In a few episodes are distinguished the different personalities of the group: the first to stand out for the strength of his character and for the charisma with which he supports the other members of the group is undoubtedly Kamina, the ideal trick to keep a profile low to the true hero of the situation. Kamina is the first teacher who will teach to the protagonist the importance of throwing himself headlong into each enterprise with unflagging courage, joining in the meantime every exuberant character encountered during the journey through effect phrases, which will remain impressed to the public for a long time. It does not hurt the fact that the series follows the macho style with broad comic facets of Kamina, with adventures full of action and comic moments that can tear more than a laugh.

And it is at that moment when the anime seems already a work that the viewer understands in its intent, that the series drops a surprise bomb: a hard shock to digest, the sudden awareness that the animated series was not exactly that that we believed in the vision of the first eight episodes, which do not even reach half the work. An expectation to be rebuilt, together with the same characters in the series and the same hero who must finally understand his role in history.

It is the intelligence of the work in undoing and reforming its foundations that makes the vision of "TTGL" even more exciting. Parallel to the hero's journey accompanied by a new mentor (Nia, the mysterious daughter of the Spiral King, the main enemy of the first part), who leads him to a different way of seeing things, also made of reflection and not just courage blind, there is an extremely important vein, the real intent of the work: to always go forward, to progress and rise higher and higher, defeating every opponent and learning from his mistakes. The most obvious symbol is the auger, an effigy that allows you to dig beyond obstacles and that will allow you to break even the barrier of the sky. And it is in the second part of the anime that the dream of evolving without imposing unnecessary limits, not closing in front of the different, becomes even more evident than before.

But it is perhaps the second part of the series that breaks an epic voyage already in itself complete: the arrival on the scene of new threats, a new society for humans and adult characters, point out perhaps somewhat forced developments (Rossiu who turns into the same person from which he had escaped), truth to say the least amazing (who is actually Nia) and a final too bittersweet. The sense of the series remains unchanged and the message is always clear and powerful, but it leaves a bit 'bitter taste in the sudden change of certain perspectives in a less studied way of the first part.

Despite the small flaws, "TTGL" is a work able to break through every obstacle and transport the whole audience with it, towards a decisive climax: the desire to arrive, not to be intimidated by fear and to reach their own ideal world are precise messages, transmitted with all the power of a punch in the stomach of Gurenn Lagann.