Feb 11, 2019
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Dororo is a samurai story about demons, swords, body parts, humanity and this baby who is born without eyes and skin, so it basically looks the same as any newborn to all but its parents. Anyway, this baby dude has the same destiny as Moses and that one annoying nerd from the Disney movie which name I don't remember but it had something to do with singing in the middle of a desert. The difference being these over-grown skull bugs that wear clothes; giant weasels; and tentacle mud-monsters/other equally original looking monsters who eat people while classic Japanese music plays and old men play banjo-swords or whatever while yelling out some one liners about evil things. Also, his father was robing hood. Naturally, a time skip occurs, followed by past stories because why should series ever start from where they actually start. If first impressions are meant to be important, then this one surely did one hell of a job convincing me it ain't gonna be gray (nor grey).

My 2nd impression wasn't much better. Audio/lip out sync really rubs me the wrong way so of course Dororo's (the character Dororo) had to make her appearance by offering a speech approximately 70x worse than seen in anime typically, mainly reminding me of those cheesy youtube videos where dudes film some duck's peak movements orwhateverthefuck and try to dub it over to make it sound like its talking like a human. I felt physical pain when witnessing Dororo speak had no choice but the yell 'delete this' out loud. Turns out all the mouth movement feat. audio is equally unfitting. Great.

Had these been the biggest problems, I could have forgiven most, but the further the series has advanced the less impressed (positively) I have been. Dororo herself is a generic brat who is at best uninteresting and at worst annoying. A thief and a rebel who basically goes "shuddap your not mi mum" when trying to excuse her bullshit. The side cast is so black'n white it feels like I am watching r/news. Dude goes literally evilz over puppies. Haven't seen this much quality since Guilty Crown, wonder when someone steals candy from kids. The main dude is so far a puppet who can kill and that's about it.

The story has little to nothing to offer. Our dude is trying to discover his humanity/what humanity is by taking a road trip with the brat while collecting body parts and listening to her bullshit all the time. The catch being not all monsters are monsters and just by possessing a human body you can't necessarily achieve humanity or whatever. Very thought-provoking and important concepts being dealt with a manner so uninteresting and soulless I'd much rather take the tedious/pretentious elitist circlejerk approach than this level of meh and eh. For example, one of the most memorable parts of A Song of Ice and Fire for me was when Maester Aemon (who is blind) calls Tyrion (who is a dwarf) a giant because of his personality. There is this thought that only the blind can see what person is truly like and I think that's a great idea. But what Dororo does with this exact same concept is unacceptable. Blind men literally yelling this same idea out loud like total assholes since, apparently, the writer of this thing couldn't come up with any better level of story telling, subtle or build up. Anything that could be meaningful and important is just thrown out in the air completely randomly. It's not a coherent story, just a collection of random ideas and events that simply occur and that's about it. It truly disgusts me. Since the story type is episodic, we get to meet bunch of empty side characters all the time and witness op swords fights. These episodes are practically the opposite of what Samurai Champloo had to offer and that doesn't seem to be a very good thing.

Animation-wise, I have no idea what MAPPA is trying to do. Mimic DEEN's recent action shows? Especially the character movements are hideous. Outside the main cast, everyone looks like their body is made of clay or play-dough. The backdrops can be nice, but I haven't exactly had the time to look around and appreciate those because the pacing is ridiculous, the series doesn't rely on its good sides at all and everyone is too busy talking about demons and souls. The ost is not very good either. I thought water boarding was painful, but then I heard Dororo's opening song. A meme now. Like Jesus fucking christ ban this shit. It's so incredibly bad. The only mildly impressive thing here it the opening animation, but it is practically unwatchable unless muted.

As a conclusion, the samurai genre is one of the strongest this industry has to offer, great many iconic titles produced in the past fall under it, but Dororo has so far been among the least impressive titles centering around this idea. I think it's great if this truly did work as an inspiration to titles such as The Lone Wolf & Cub, Katanagatari, Vagabond, and Hyouge Mono, but as far as I am concerned, Dororo itself sucks ass. I typically never have problems understanding why people hate or love something, but as it currently is, I can't wait to see positive, in-depth analysis of this show because I completely do not understand with what type of perspective or mindset can this show seem good and appealing to anyone.