Feb 11, 2019
minhanhpd (All reviews)
How should I start this?

Besides some part of the story, it's a typical harem.

- Story: 7. It is good, but not perfect. The fact that the harem girls are quintuplets make it different from the other harems, but that's all. Besides that, I don't find anything outstanding in the story.
As it keeps going, I found it quite dense more and more. [Little spoiler] Okay, now the main character had met one of the sisters before. The end. That's it, that's what make it starting to be dense. That's what make it starting to be typical. Now I guess, the MC helped the girl out and they just liked each other something? Just guessing. If that is, then hold on, am I watching Nisekoi?

- Art: 8. It's quite gorgeous, but not really. Sometimes it can be clingy, but overall it's super nice.

- Sound: 8. Pretty good. The OP and ED is nice and cute, I like them both.

- Characters: 6. Ahhh....
This is hard to start, if you know me.
_MC: he's a quite good character, but I don't feel like liking him.
_Ichika, oldest sister: A nice lewd onee-san. I kinda like her though. But she's not my most favourite character.
_Nino, second sister; Here you must expect me to say "She's a bitch" "I hate her" "Worst character", yes? But no. She's definitely not the worst character of the show. By this I don't mean she's my favourite, she's average to me. May I ask some of you, why would you hate her? I found her relatable as a caring sister. The sisters are peaceful together, and a random guy comes. I mean, wtf? What Nino did is tense, yes, is lame, ehh maybe, is the worst, fucking no, please.
_Miku, third sister: Ahhhh, yes. tHe BeSt MoE tSuNdErE eVeR! And here, you must be expecting me to say "Aww she's so cute" "Tsundere, I love her" "gOtTa LoVe GiRlS wItH hEaDpHoNeS", no? Oh my, please! She's my least favourite character in the show. First, typical and cliche tsundere, I mean there are fucking a lot of tsunderes that are WAY better than her. Ugh. What she did to be the best girl was just blushing and smiling and doing things with her puffy cheeks, tryna be cute to be the bEsT gIrL of the show. And yes, she did succeed on that. Second, the fanbase. I mean whenever there's a post about the other characters, her fans are like #TeamMiku. Not only that, but other girls too. But you must understand that when it comes to harem, it would happen. In conclusion, Miku is just a typical tsundere girl that is dense and has nothing special with her, boring.
_Yotsuba, fourth sister: Is it weird that she's my most favourite? It musn't be. Well, as the anime's keep on going, she's the most shallow character. But that is what I like of her. Anyways. Energetic? Checked. Cute? Checked. Caring sister? Checked x100.
_Itsuki, fifth sister: She's a nice character just like Ichika, and my second favourite after Yotsuba.

- Enjoyment: 7.
I did enjoy the series, but not too much. Maybe part of the war bride affects this. But anyway, this show is enjoyable.

Overall, I would give this a 7. A fair enough and best score I could give.