Feb 10, 2019
emlathu (All reviews)
Gungrave has some of the best writings I've ever come across in anime, thanks to its carefully constructed character development, neatly paced across 26 episodes. Underneath all the gang violence & vile/bizarre monsters lies a touching story about family, friendship and love. If you're looking for a mature, challenging anime, rather than quick action-packed mafia flicks, don't be thrown off by the MAL score. This story has so much to offer.

STORY: 10/10
Gungrave follows the lives of Brandon and Harry from their teens until their 40s. At its core, the story is about their entwined bond. Both characters are well developed, each driven by their beliefs which evolved in opposite direction over time. There's some sci-fi element, which might seem like an odd addition, but I think it pushed the story and exaggerated the contrast between Brandon and Harry. In a few words, the story is about love & greed, family & power, protection & betrayal.

ART: 6/10
The art did not age well at all, but it didn't throw me off too much. Admittedly its action sequences could have been done much better, but I think it's to be expected for this time period.

SOUND: 7/10
Not much to say about sound here. I enjoy the music & voice acting, but otherwise nothing outstanding

Aside from our two main characters, the supporting cast also got great writing. They all have conflicts, beliefs & desires, not one dimensional. I have a lot of empathy for all of them.

It's a gripping story that left me in tears by the end, topped off with a great conclusion.

I'll be recommending this anime to everyone for a while now.