Feb 7, 2019
Dekeloni (All reviews)
Honestly as a guy who played all of the trilogy games + both Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice, I can say this anime is being executed perfectly. With the addition of 3 extra cases (Young Edgeworth case, the train case and the seashell case) A-1 Studios does a good job of replicating the original game which I enjoyed a lot. Plus they are managing to add some funny scenes from here to there. But man, Godot dude. Always loved that dude. His voice actor is godlike.

The only thing I might have an issue with is the voice actor of Phoenix. He sadly is not the original voice actor of Phoenix who is Shu Takumi in the original AA games. But since Shu Takumi is fairly old I can see why they haven't placed him there.

Overall. this anime is a solid 10\10. The character's voice actors are perfect, the storytelling is also amazing, this whole anime is just as good as the actual game is. I recommend anyone who hasn't played the original AA games to download deSume and play all of the trilogy games + Apollo Justice. You will not regret it!