Feb 4, 2019
EmperorAlfred (All reviews)
Don't read if you haven't watched any episode yet!

Nothing like an anime with a Rainbow air force, and to add to that, the colorful airplanes are girls, or humanoids if you put it, made from "Zai" parts.

Story: 6/10
The world is under attack and under grave danger as we know it. The PLAAF, People's Liberation Army Air Force, despite being one of the biggest Air Force in the world, were no match for the evil enemies, those enemies are advanced aircraft known as Zai. They are "evil" and know nothing but to bring about destruction. Beijing is taken and/or destroyed and several stragglers who survived the initial onslaught were evacuating towards Japan. Then the convoy was ambushed and then a Brightly colored aircraft appeared out of nowhere, beat the Zai, and crashed for some reason. Our male protagonist here, let's call him Anon, jumps to save the "pilot" inside the brightly colored aircraft, the canopy opened and Anon-kun was kissed by the "Pilot". And so it begins.....

Art is Good, sound is good, characters, well, not so much, but if you don't mind the common tropes that we see in anime, then be my guess. But some of the character designs are fine though.

Enjoyment: 8/10
Don't judge, let me explain. I enjoy this anime 'cause somehow I found several moments funny, like for when the Zai beat the 7th Fleet in battle.(Not shown). If you don't take the plot, if there's any, seriously, then you might actually enjoy watching this show.

Overall, I'd say it's a 7/10

If you want to watch a love story between anon-kun and the airplane, then watch this anime! :)