Feb 2, 2019
Rabb2t (All reviews)
New Game! was a pretty spicy show that honestly did not disappoint. It's sweet, salty, and spicy all at once and ends up being a great mix at parties.

Story: As your run-of-the-mill moe slice of life, there isn't really much story aside from various parts of video game creation. That being said, I can't really rate on story that much.

Art: Cute pastel colors always compliment moe well, and this show shows that. Each character is distinctly different in what colors that accompany them, even from the clothes. This variety prevents everyone from looking or meshing together, which you can see in certain shows, although anime today tends to fixate on characters that feel similar, but are actually different in appearance. Backgrounds in this show also are neat.

Sound: The voice acting doesn't ever fail you in this show, and everyone gives it their all, no matter how annoying you find Nene's voice. Aside from that, the opening is literally a banger and the ending isn't too bad either. Honestly, sound is a cool boi.

Character: In this show, each and every character has their own quirks and personality that accompanies them, and does it well. Everyone's realistic, from Aoba being diligent, but also an airhead, to Ko being a great leader, although lacking confidence at times. When you meet all these characters, they all stick out in their own ways. However, with this many in the cast, it does show. Characters get small bits that develop their character and possibly give some backstory, but this is limited due to the size of the cast, and the fact that the show focuses on antics over development. However, don't let that get you down, because everyone has their own distinct style, which lets you pick from a wide variety of best girls. Please don't complain about Nene, she's doing her best.

Enjoyment: Although at first, I had this on hold since last summer, that was due to external factors. I found myself continuing the series recently, and I'm glad I did. Not only do I get to be informed on the memes, but I also got to see a show with a different type of charm than what I usually watch.

Overall: There's like 3 males in the entire show and they're all background characters 10/10