Feb 2, 2019
Theta_Odilia (All reviews)
Matsumoto decides to create a non-canonical "sequel" of doraemon that is based entirely on the character of Nobita and on the effects of being able to travel in time - and thus being able to see the beginning and end of everything - caused to the psyche of Nobita.
The comic does not focus at all on Doraemon, which is very secondary as a character, at times you get the doubt that he can not talk - certainly that resolves at the end, when he says 'yeah'-, and it is something that could make the nose to many people - bacause in a comic called doraemon you expect that doraemon is the main character - but ... it works really well as a thing.
The main problem of this comic is the duration, a chapter of about twenty pages - of which most are only drawings - Can not even deepen Nobita, who is practically the only character in the comic.
In my opinion, Matsumoto should have added a dozen chapters in which, in addition to deepening Nobita, he would deepen other characters -Doraemon, Shizuka, Suneo and Goda- and their relationships in the past, present and future.
The incipit narrative is incredible, with a narrative beginning of the genus Matsumoto could have created a kind masterpiece, a remake / reboot even better than 'Pluto' by Urasawa, but it did not happen.
So, in the end, this doraemon was a disappointment, not because it's ugly, on the contrary, it's a nice comic book - especially from a visual point of view - but because the basic idea has not been fully exploited.
Really a pity.

sorry for the grammatical errors, I'm not very good in English.