Jan 31, 2019
cousycousy (All reviews)
Combining a real world thing like intersex and a slightly more grounded setting than a lot of similar gender transformation sort of manga ends up making all the standard tropes creepier than the norm is for the genre. This is a genre with a lot of extremely problematic tropes to begin.

The protagonist's decision to transition is treated as a given and his opposition to the idea when they find out that most people don't do that is overridden by their parents with bad joke justification. The reason the protagonist gives for transitioning is that they wouldn't look like a man or be able to be fully a man, which is an insulting bad reason.

The sexual harassment by their friends is treated as mostly comedic.

Homosexuality is never really considered to any real degree. Everybody just treats the idea the main character will date men and not have any romantic relationships with women as a given.

The protagonist's wishes on everything is almost always ignored by supposedly supportive friends.

I was able to guess who the protagonist would end up dating almost as soon as the character appeared.

There are three characters who matter and have much of personality. This would not be a problem if I liked the characters, but I didn't. The protagonist is extremely reactive and doesn't make many decisions for themself without essentially being forced into it by others. The only female character with much of a presence in the story besides the protagonist is mostly there to pressure the protagonist into doing a bunch of different things. Her brother is characterized almost completely by hating being seen as not really a man because he is meek. Otherwise, he was really boring and without much of a personality. The gang the protagonist used to hang out with consists of interchangeable characters without any real personality differences that matter.

The art was fine but nothing memorable.