Jan 31, 2019
cousycousy (All reviews)
I found the story to be poor. The ending feels like it was extremely rushed. More than that, I felt the story didn't make good use of the setting. It is overall a fairly standard revenge story with a twist that feels out of nowhere and leaves a lot of questions unanswered in a very unsatisfying way rather than as something that feels intended not to be answered.

There is the occasional mention of how badly women in the country have it, but it doesn't really deal with that much and is more just in the background of the focus on revenge and as a way to show how evil these evil people are. Character motivations never felt like they expanded or developed naturally over the course of the manga instead of quickly getting changed for one reason or another.

The better parts of the story are where the protagonist thinks about more than the mechanics of getting revenge and it doesn't feel like the terribleness of various characters is there to continue to show how terrible the country is well after that had been extremely well established.

The art was good.