Jan 31, 2019
cousycousy (All reviews)
Overall, Utopia of Homosexuality was fine except for a few things I had a big problem with which are hard to talk about without giving some idea as to what happens towards the end.

Potential spoilers

Without getting into too much detail, it has some cliches common to two best friends stories I dislike strongly. I don't think any character mentions bisexuality in the story, which makes a change in the relationship of the two main characters at the end of the story sting a lot more.

I much more strongly dislike the feeling throughout much of the story that people who really care about each other have to be a couple in a romantic sense. It does a huge disservice to aromantic and asexual people and none of people in the story appear to accept the possibility that friendship can be that deep without being romantic.

Other than that, the story, characters, and art are all fine. Most of the story developments I strongly disliked were towards the end. A lot of the characters had same face syndrome to some extent but overall I didn't have any problems with the art