Jan 31, 2019
forster82 (All reviews)
Damn... Its been quite a long time since Ive given an anime a solid 10/10. I really want to critisize Yakusoku no Neverland but its just way too damn perfect! This anime actually nailed absolutly everything! There is just no other way to put it...
The story is phenomenal! I personally love the "escape" and "mind game" theme of the anime, and I would really love to see more animes with this theme. The way everything plays out is just so bloody brilliant! I love it!
The Art is one of the best I have every seen! Every second of this anime I could feel my eyes having the biggest bloody orgasm just holding in all the damn squirt.
The Sound... NANANA NANANA NANANA NA! I fucking love it! This anime without a doubt goes into my top 3 anime OPs list. The soundtrack also plays out so damn well!
I LOVE EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER! I could feel the emotions of all the characters. I have an interest for every single character. I have genuine interest in what the characters are thinking. Its just too damn brilliant... *Wipes tears*
As of this review, Im up to date with the Manga, and all the current episodes are just adapted way too damn well... I GENUINELY CANT CRITISIZE THIS ANIME! Everything is just too fucking good! EVERYTHING!
An anime has never been this interesting to me since "Made in Abyss".
Overall giving this anime a solid ∞/10. I enjoy every single episode and I have constant orgasms watching this adaptation. Absolute masterpiece right here lads! <3