Jan 31, 2019
saiyan_junio (All reviews)
Apart from Dororo, this is my anime of the season! It's a flawed masterpiece and has earned a 9 from every single category I judge an anime on which is both a great thing but shows that it could've been executed slightly better overall and been a true masterpiece!

Cloverworks is not a studio I particularly like at all, however I must give them their props, apart from a couple of budget limitations in some occasional backgrounds or distant characters- the animation is mainly crisp and fluid with fantastic emotion being portrayed in the way each character is presented! Furthermore, I must praise the stylistic direction and camerawork that almost creates a claustrophobic atmosphere in scenes of tension and that make the horror element of this anime much more prevalent. Uverworld sings the OP. That is all I have to say for you to understand that it's fantastic; as is everything else sound wise in the anime with the exception of the lackluster ED in my opinion!

Firstly, I love the juxtaposition in the first episode that set the scene for what the story was truly about; it's gritty and has been excecuted at a very high level! The concept is very interesting and can go many ways in which they can open up a variety of different threats that the characters may face! However, the story so far seems slightly rushed and seems to be following a basic predictable route which I hope will change soon as it's got incredibly high potential! In addition, the characters are probably the least flawed thing in the entire show, the anime's main 3 heroes are all fantastic and can already be identified as being complex and 3 dimensional, furthermore, I'm loving the "villains" and their attitudes probably even more than the main characters because of how amazing they appear to be right from the beginning, I won't spoil anything btw.

Having not read the manga, I cannot feel any disappointment so far because just as with Dororo, my expectations were extremely high but the anime managed to exceed them. I'm not sure if the manga contains all these flaws but regardless of their existence, this anime is an absolute gem and one of the best this season and I predict of this entire year! Just as I stated in my opening statement, this anime is a masterpiece... a heavily flawed one :)