Jan 31, 2019
Shirokuza (All reviews)
Have you ever thought about escape?

The Promised Neverland starts with Emma, ​​a happy lucky girl who spends her days in pure happiness along with all the other orphans. All the children there enjoy their daily activities that are not as burdensome as playing, eating delicious food, and taking extensive tests with full focus ... but wait. This is when you realize that this is not an ordinary orphanage, but the children who grew up there completely forgot about it. It was only after Emma witnessed the terrible truth about the purpose of the orphanage surrounded by walls that she and several other orphans began to wonder about the mystery outside the orphanage.

I will make a concise summary so that you can enjoy this series comfortably and to keep the element of mystery intact, which I do with a phenomenal work to keep you intrigued while still maintaining a steady pace. This is very important because it is one aspect that makes you come back again.

We move to the character section. At first glance, the main character Emma is a typical shounen character beaming with optimism and cheerfulness. In fact, all the main characters are portrayed as intelligent in their own way and for good reasons. Unlike many shounen characters who are very stupid, the characters in this manga will do and think about everything the reader thinks.

Art is a priceless masterpiece. There is no problem for animation, they do a good job from the point of view of the camera, color selection, key animation, and character design. What I like most is that they are very solid in the quality of animation. I appreciate this video and need hard work.

I will summarize the two chapters in this paragraph, which is the voice and sensuality part of enjoying this series. Voices in this series are very suitable for the characters they play not only that they can also make a good opening theme without any spoilers in it. At first I heard the manga and light novels "Yakusoku no Neverland" from my friend, he recommended reading this manga and as a result I really liked this series.