Jan 31, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
Nothing better than girls with big guns! But it's nice to see them occasionally wield big firearms, too. Heh made a funny.

Girly Air Force is much like Girls Und Panzer on planes except not as good, its lacking the sports side of things and there are men in the story line too. By men, I mean Kei because he is the self-insert of this series and therefore perfect human being because this is based on a light novel.

As for the female casting, they are practically pure waifugame, but it's strong no doubt. Minghua cleans Kei's house like a good housewife, Gripen kisses our man before even knowing his name, Eagle is blonde so everything is going well for her and Phantom is the biggest claim of this season. Or would be if anyone was watching this show. The girls are cute and that's undoubtedly one of the selling points of this show. Their names are obviously flawless and I shouldn't even have to point out why.

The OST is pretty fresh. Practically Darude feat. Code Speed Anime Trance. Sick beats you typically would only hear in an underground rave bar that's been concurred by weebs. Really enjoying the musics.

Outside the good female character design, the art is pretty neato. Plains wreck shit and the explosions are of ridiculous magnitude.

Watch this thing only if you like stupid anime because this is pretty stupid but it's the entertaining type of stupid.