Jan 27, 2019
Eli_R (All reviews)
Well the art is similar to shield hero so it cant really be a one but i kinda don't like the cover and the light hearted art design. Only good characters are the shield hero ofc and probably his new pet, spear hero is ok but consider it's an spin off focused on him i would think his more likeable. I didnt really enjoy it, find it appealing compared to shield hero even if its suppose to be a comedy. I love the creator a lot but he really copied and pasted some angle designs, their characters that are not suppose to be the same (at the very least the name are different) yet the charater design/art is minimum difference. I will give credit and say some parts made me laugh, but in shield hero it's already a debate about underaged girls and those older guys ( the MC for this one is the oldest btw and is digging girls who are 10) . I wont find it a problem if it wasnt other second. Overall it's not the worst thing I've read or seen and maybe some people can find enjoy it (I think trying to be positive) but right up there for the worst I've read and consider i liked the spear hero (after reading the LNs) and love the rising of the shield hero I'm dissapointed.