Jan 26, 2019
flyinggumm (All reviews)
if you want a feel-good manga that is a slice of life but things/character development still happen, this is most likely for you. it’s adorable!

regarding romance, there is a bit of an age gap but it’s not as bad (or squicky) as say, bunny drop’s was. i think it was only like 5 years or something?

the art is beautiful and the lines are very clean. it's also pretty consistent if you care about that. however it does in some moments fall into that shoujo style stiffness or the hands/fingers look awkward. but it’s good enough that you can tell that akane and aoi are children and babies and old people are old people, unlike some other shoujo manga were everyone looks just young.

this is like the ultimate feel-good "everything’s sweet and nothing hurts" manga.