Aug 27, 2010
PerlaNemesis (All reviews)
Since this arc is side story to other Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni manga, I decided to check it out and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Actually, far from that. This arc reminded me why I love Higurashi so much.

Story: (10/10)
Like in original story, everything starts out innocently. Natsumi and her family moved from Okinomiya last year and everyone's happy there. Especially Natsumi. She has friends, boy she likes. He even confesses to her. However, everyone hears on news about eruption of gas in Hinamizawa. And this is there everyone's lives change. Not only that, we get an unexpected twist at the end. When we thought that we knew everything, turns out that we knew nothing.

Art: (10/10)
I don't know about other people, but I personally love the art. It's very nice. Not only that characters are drawn nicely, their emotions are shown well. Also, killing parts are made very well.

Character: (10/10)
Characters are well developed. Even Natsumi's friends, who are unimportant to the storyline.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
I enjoyed this arc very much. It was really interesting to read and it really made me wonder that will happen next.

Overall: (10/10)
I love this arc because it shows that happens after main characters' deaths when gas erupts.
In short, I LOVE everything about this manga.