Jan 25, 2019
monn (All reviews)
Chapter 19 (vomits) here....

Story 4:
Comedy - Well it's a long cliched stretch but it can be considered "comedy", but its a humor made for females with lesbian tendency (who dislike men and think they are beasts), also it would be funny for me at some point of life (age 8-13, maybe), but at this state i was grossed out by everything here. In short i didn't smile but contrary to that i had an expression and feeling of disgust. Too much cliched humor, too much stupid actions and too much man beating to the point where you can say that it is physical abuse.
Ecchi - Well on that part this manga didn't well short, fan service is everywhere and made from everything this whole manga holds you by the "balls", if it weren't for ecchi scenes i think this manga would have been axed after few chapters, but it holds the secret weapon - WEAPON X - X stands for mindless part of male biology, you could say a beast inside who will watch and his arousal will give it a rating of 10, simply because brain was shut off. And no i wasn't aroused a single time, reading this i felt if i will get aroused just a little bit i will lose my dignity as a human being and as a male for that part. But nevertheless ecchi was and is the only redeemable part of this fiasco.
Seinen - Don't make me laugh, it is a shounen wrapped in a thin layer of seinen, since unreality and childish actions here are over the roof not once did i think of this as to be considered for young males (a definition of seinen for crying out loud) Shounen, yes it is one but simply with erotic content.
Story is about young, stupid, perverted, without any speck of dignity male who wants to become mangaka having 0 talent for it while constantly being physically and mentally abused by everyone (due to his perverted mind and simply because he is convenient stress reliever). Then there are 3 main females, 2 being older than mc (i think) and one a high schooler. We have a Sensei a woman with voluptuous body a genius a Mary Sue who lives in her world, then we have a same body (older mentally) female nothing too special about her if you think, she is over shadowed by our Mary Sue and then we have this annoying high schooler, annoying due to being "frugal" but in reality is a more mild persona than our MC, she is allowed to being a pervert since she is a girl ohh did i mention her yuri/lesbian vibe (probably due to being still immature not because she is a lesbian) either way she is a female version of MC with less pervy mind and more talent.
Jokes are annoying, degrading (both for male and females), cliched to the max and repetitive.

Art 9:
Art was magnificent, character drawings were very erotic and seemed unreal and real at the same time, this was borderline H but either way character were drawn to be good looking (sadly with oversized chests), background was somewhere near the level of character detail, panels and dialogue bubbles were more or less decent, can't be over-objective since it was hard to concentrate on manga (being it a trash bin) but nonetheless Art was the only redeeming quality here.

Characters 4:
One dimensional, progression 0. When you think story will progress at the end of the chapter it goes backwards at the next chapter (by story i meant that maybe character will learn something, improve or reflect....NO they won't (he specifically). One dimensional, well they don't change the stick it to one shtick to the end, change is nonexistent here it will lure you at the chapter end but then revert back if not go backwards.
MC chapter 1 ohh look a decent chap, midway through chapter my thoughts - This will be pain ridden read. I had one chapter that i liked, when MC decided to leave (since damn bro it took a long time for you to understand that you need to improve and change something) Next chapter midway through he became worse. High school girl is simply MC with boobs and less testosterone ohh also she has somewhat a talent for drawing manga, end (nothing to add here)
Supporting characters are well supporting characters made for gags and lulz (also in one chapter to understand Female MC's Mary Sueness - that being to the bone and core of her brain)

Enjoyment 3:
I didn't enjoy anything here besides Art (even that was degrading but still better than bland romcom drawings), every chapter game me chills (due to it being so awful). I wanted to castrate MC and put him in a monastery on a deserted island as for females wanted to beat them to unconscious state (a simple revenge for being so abusive towards MC when one could say you are fired they find it better to beat him up, humiliate and to tease (if you don't want a male advancing to you don't fu**ng tease him in a erotic way) and then transport them all to monastery on the deserted island the high school girl needs to go to a different island since it will be a paradise for her until puberty dies off.

Overall 4:
If you like 0 brain activity male lead with only activity below the waist who has 0 dignity as a human being, if you like females who beat up males for a reason and lack of it while being hypocritical to the core and teasing to the max be my guest read this if not then DO NOT READ THIS, here's a better manga:
It is called "Comic Studio" same genre + romance, same story concept (MC wanna be mangaka goes to become mangaka assistant also 3 females - older one, female MC (physically a loli though) and a high school girl. This manga doesn't have fan service or at least at the disgusting level, character development and story progression guaranteed, ending is fantastic. This manga was released in 2010 while this garbage bin in 2009 i think mangaka from Comic Studio stole an idea (or maybe there was even an earlier classic one as a template), but even if it was he made it everything better (art no included).