Jan 21, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
Me before Lost Butterfly: "Yeah I have seen all anime related to fate/stay night, pretty much know all about it at this point."

10 minutes into the movie: huh?
20: ....what?

Mild spoilers follow.


No tedious philosophies nor pretentious dialogue that solely exists to postpone the battles and extent the awful battle tournament shonen storyline because of pride or other equally laughable reasons. No. This time it's all about Sakura being too horny to stand and Shirou holding hands with every girl imaginable. Literally sex scenes and masturbation. Now this is what I always wanted from Fate. Finally understand why Heaven's Feel is the best route.

The pacing can be a problem to some viewers because it is seriously fast and scenes change at ridiculous tempo. There is constantly something happening, twists actually in goddamn fate and people die. Why the earlier anime were even made when something this good was already written I do not know. As a whole, the story is insane and completely fucked up in a good sense.


No 'master this master that' bullshit from the servants. They powerful and have their own will this time around. Sakura literally too horny to stand. Haven't seen anyone in such heat in the animated medium before, excluding hentai. The countless scenes where she said "senpai" and "humu humu" finally confirmed who is the best girl. Shirou is not afraid of anything I swear and Shinji got owned to hard they should cut him off from other routes. The feelings stuff is neato and for once the series feels genuine thanks to the characters who for once are not either living 100% slice of life or other times throwing some pseudo-intellectual horseshit one-liners no one cares about.


Slow motion hugging scene in the rain by goddamn ufotable. Prettiest shit I ever saw. Literally can't wait to see Berserker vs. 2B Saber in blu-ray such badassery and perfect fight. The color pallet is glorious as ever and those animated tentacles piercing ppl's hearts amazing. And just when I thought it couldn't do anything more brutal they hit it with mutilation scene by Gilgamesh. The gore is seriously impressive.


Glorious as hell. Flamboyant and atmospheric. Absolutely served the movie. Great decisions were made. Ending song beyond catchy can't wait for part 3.


Great fucking movie, will buy.