Jan 19, 2019
Kaumori (Anime) add (All reviews)
ShivamLH (All reviews)
Kaumori. Very intriguing and worthwhile.
The animation is fantastic. One would only ponder over how such smooth animation with very less frame hiccups was possible for it's time. I can only presume that it must've taken quite the number of pages to execute such an art style.
Writing is very well done. Perhaps intended for the younger audience, it still makes me giggle.
"I am Agent Wing-Speed"
"Right Earthbound!"
The narrator didn't lack on any front. Delivered with enthusiasm at every second. Here accent for the pig is absolutely adorable.
"Itchy There!" Says the pig as he's being stabbed by a sword.
The question arises as the conflict proceeds. The cheeky bat, neither a mammal nor a bird. The show humorously compares him to different animals drawing similarities. A must watch if you've got the time to spare.