Jan 18, 2019
Senayaa (All reviews)
so i watched to love ru years ago when i dont really pay attention to the story and only been there for the ecchi. and now i decided to rewatch it again due to curiosity and of course, ecchi and welp i guess i know what i love this show so much back then.
welp the first to love ru maybe a bit boring and the art isnt that good but seeing the improvement from the first till now, damn im glad i endured the lack of animation back then (welp its from 2008 so i guess i cant complain).

i was thinking of making a review after i finished the anime till darkness 2nd but i changed my mind bcs i feel like i need to make this season's own review.
this season is so much better than the previous one, you know where the story is going to be, you have good fighting scene (i guess..) and of course, MOMO !
damn im obsessed with momo. no kidding. i cant stop myself of wanting rito and momo be together.
the animation is a blast. massive improvement from the first one.

i guarantee ya, if you can endure the first one, it will be worth it to watch this one!
and last but not least, momo , damn you're cute