Jan 18, 2019
Nicromatic (All reviews)
TL;DR - Everything wrong with hentai doujins thrown into a sports manga (a little more specific later).

Started off great. A story about a young girl carrying the dreams and wills of her family to get gold at the olympics. She overcomes hardships and comes out on top through effort, talent, luck and the help of her friends.
Sounds great right?

Yeah well for some reason the author decided to place these completely unnecesary characters who do completely unnecessary things. Sports is too mainstream, gotta give it a dose of EDGE. No, not just one dose, some of the psychopathic mentality was stomachable and did make it a little exciting, but he just upped the molarity to like 18 or something.

I mean, I know Elfen Lied was a hit (and I'll be honest I moderately enjoyed Brynhildir), but this is just &#%(@#&%*(@#. The tone is just all over the place. I mean, yes it's fine for sports/shounen to get dark, but you don't make it dark with objectifying and sexualising your female protagonist.
If you are NOT cool with attempted rape, rape, murder, attempted murder, blackmail, etc etc occuring in your sports manga/anime. Stay the fuck away.

I am honestly so disappointed. I really liked her character and the main supporting cast, who, weren't the most well-made were overall likeable.

P.S. First review I've done, had to put this out, far out, had to send the word out.