Jan 17, 2019
Battery (Anime) add (All reviews)
CandyPool (All reviews)
This anime is slice of life, not only focus on sport. The plot is good but all 11 episodes only feels like the begining of a story. The character is half good and half bad, protagonist took one of the worst ways to go through puberty: selfish, self-centered, never listen, never learn, say mean things 99% of the time, very cold and didn't consider anything, etc. Luckily all he thinks about is baseball, and there are many good people around him. What I like is the supporting characters, together with the unlikable protagonist, were able to create a 'harmony'.

Protagonist is bad, but other charcaters are kind, warm, supportive. Some agressive ones hate protagonist and found ways to let him know they detest him, is, you know, make your mind 'balance' while watching the show. However, character development is not much, protagonist did change slightly though.

What I love about this show enough to give it high score is the atmosphere. It gives off a very light, gentle, pure feeling, very decent. The ending theme songs are very good, too. Overall, I appreciate the effort of making this anime, it was a decent watch, 7/10