Jan 16, 2019
Rasta687 (All reviews)
I watched obocchama as a kid and liked it. As per my memory, I watched a hindi dubbed version and this is mainly for kids. There are english dubbed version or japanese ones in online sites today if you want to watch them. I do like watching them just to kill time and in leisure. I would recommend it to children aged 4-13 y/o. If you're older then you might be bored of it or might watch it just for fun (and not serious anime watching).
The plot revolves around a rich kid (referred to as Prince) named Obocchama. He is unique in a way and rides on turtles. Most of the episodes are about his daily life with friends, mainly boy, buppy and sonikuri. His only family is his father who loves Obocchama a lot. Since this is an anime/cartoon kids will like, there is no sort of plot development and is similar to doraemon (In a way that both are for kids).