Jan 13, 2019
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Instead of reviewing the latest seasonal, I'm going to take readers back to a dark time in anime's past. The first days of On-Demand cable. The year is 2004. There is anime on a few channels like Cartoon Network and Sci-fi, but you don't have a lot of selection. If your local video store didn't carry a lot of anime, tough shit! Wait till Saturday and watch that rerun of Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. Then something amazing happened! You could actually go to the On-Demand section and pick from dozens of anime, anytime you want.

So what anime were available? Nearly all the top anime that people were willing to pay for were behind a pay wall. Want to see all the blood and boobs in Gantz? The first 2 episodes are free, then you have to pay 2 dollars an episode! That's not buying an episode btw, that's 2 dollars for a 24 hour rental of a shitty anime episode! The anime where we got every episode for free were typically utter trash, and Moonphase was among the worst of the worst.


A loli vampire roams around naked and forces a moronic male photographer, who is a grown adult, to be her slave. This is a loli/echii/ slice of life series. Unless you're a pedophile, this is one of the most insipid, boring anime ever made. Hell, even IF you're a pedophile it's one of the most boring anime ever made. This anime just flat out BLOWS.


Shaft made this schlock, but don't expect it to look like Bakemonogatari.


Um...I guess it's ok. If I had to pick the aspect that sucked least, it would be the average soundtrack.


There are MANY problems in the world, but we live in a glorious age for anime consumption. Imagine someone is just entering the anime fandom. "Hmmm...what should I watch first? The internet says Galactic Heroes is really good. I'll go over to a streaming site and watch that. Maybe then I'll watch Mushishi and Gintama". We now live in a time where no young anime fan will EVER have to be SO desperate to watch anime that they resort to watching Moonphase. In some ways, life is good in 2019.