Jan 13, 2019
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I probably say this in many of my reviews, but I will say it anyway. I honestly loved this series, and it is one of my many top manga's of all time. It's certainly not your typical vampire story, as I have previously read not only manga, but also actual books about vampire stories, and I have to admit this is a one of it's kind. It is one of a kind, with a day walking vampire, which in fact injects blood instead of feeding on others. I have to say that, it's even better than the anime, which I have watched a few years back, as it gives more emphasis on the overall storyline, and there is simply just so much more going on. I feel like with the manga, there was more space to expand on Kenta's and Karin's relationship, and unlike the anime I feel like it captured it not only in a different way, but also in a much better context. I also like the fact, that even thought Karin is a vampire, jut like the rest of her family, but she acts just like any school girl her age would, which I just love about in her character. Highly, highly recommend by me, not only if you seen the anime, but if you like romance and vampires, then you should give this manga a try.