Jan 13, 2019
Fake (Anime) add (All reviews)
weeaboogers (All reviews)
I decided to watch this as a joke and ended up enjoying it so much that I watched it again.
FAKE is old and it looks super old. Some of the... actions of the characters are kind of questionable but... I don't know a gay cop story where the main characters actually kind of have a nice chemistry was refreshing to see even in this day and age.
Also,,, the opening... Oh my God. I've been looking for the full version of it for years and I can't for the life of me find it. It's. A. Banger.
It has that lovely old anime nostalgia, with the bright colours and over-exaggerated expressions... It was so much fun.

Likes; the opening, the characters, the story (the was actually a story oh my god,) the nostalgia, the english dub
Dislikes; dated tropes, dubious tropes/ actions, the english dub

Seriously, watch the English Dub- it's an experience.