Mar 8, 2008
Flame_Haze (All reviews)
Anime is not always what it appears to be. Truthfully this shows that any anime that is created with passion can be a joy to watch. The hook for this anime for me was the unique comedy and wanting to find out what situations the characters manage to get themselves into.

Story: The story follows some clichés but is extremely original at times in episodes that are stand-alone. I liked that there’s a healthy portion of the series that didn't use cliffhangers to keep you hooked which allowed me not to feel guilty by stopping and picking up later. I’m impressed that they turned some clichés upside down and actually had references to other anime within the show.

Art: The art is rather good in most respects; I like the style they use quite well for the characters and battle effects. There are some rather weird designs for some characters though, for example, they may wear very odd clothes since some of them have weird fetishes or even no clothes with a trademark elephant animation covering up the guy’s private area.

Sound: I loved the opening and ending that this series used. They had a great upbeat feeling and they never made me feel like skipping them. I enjoyed the music played in the backgrounds, the voice actors’ performances, and effects used for the sounds. The music was used in a nice way to enhance the tension or comedy of the dramatically different situations.

Character: I found a large amount of the characters to be interesting and likeable mainly Youko and Keita. Youko has a quick temper and Keita gives into his male fantasies in ways that are rather humorous.

Enjoyment: It’s a very enjoyable anime particularly when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and the ecchi is a nice bonus for it. The yaoi-ish humor my turn some people off from enjoying it fully though. For others it’s a bonus since it’s definitely a large part of the comedy that I enjoyed.

Overall: There is much fun to be had with this anime and it’s highly recommended for people who want to watch an anime with a large amount of original comedy and enjoyable characters. This is one of the few anime that I would recommend anyone to who wants to see something not mainstream.