Jan 11, 2019
Lord_Valzin (All reviews)
Let me tell you why I give this a 7, but before that right now haven't seen it since 4+ month.
All right, yes this is a terroristic type of anime, it starts them off making youtube type vids of their plans/activities. They go to school like nothing is happening to help, camouflage I guess or just enjoy some school life. They have already done planning and robbing. They go in person for their plan and be like pro criminals, they have done like coded message to show they want justice for what happened to them. The protagonists were in like a concentration camp, but they were there because they are super smart and there was also one more that escaped, but not really worth talking about (didn't really like her...... was it girl hmmm). Anyways there is some romantic type thing going on with one other supporting girl and main pro-tag. This type of anime I really, but towards the end it just wasn't really going how I liked. The ending kinda sucked (for me). Copter came out of nowhere. I thought there was going to be an ending I liked, but I guess justice was deserved.
Society has a cruel way of how things are done and there is just some places where money and power is just too much for the innocent. One last note the Protagonists are the actual "heroes" in their own way, but trying to get justice because life is screwed up. Also they are criminals in a way, even though they don't actually kill anyone. I still liked this anime and what the pro-tags were doing.
They didn't deserve all what was done to them.

Short ver. Hey you like Terroristic type of things and anime here it is in one pack of just 11 episodes.
You like how money and power is just overwhelming and strong and can f***k kids up.
Also do you like a mystery typish anime well, investigating type of work.
Detective against criminals, almost got away with it, here it is.