Jan 11, 2019
theCorgiEin (All reviews)
Overall, it you are looking for show about a teacher that loves their students, this is for you. As well, there are few shows I can say have 'changed' my life, and this would be one of them.

I initially saw this anime as just the name "Assassination Classroom" accompanied with a creepy smiling face. Looking at the summary, I found the premise: a class must kill their teacher before they graduate. This was only my third anime, so this premise immediately caught be, as no live-action show have something like this. But I could not have expected what this show would be.

As a quick overview, the story was mediocre, while the art and sound were solid. The characters were what made this show truly amazing, especially the comedy around them. Set in a classroom, there are ~20 characters. While most are not given substantial development, their personalities are all memorable. But it is the teacher, Koro Sensei, who adds the most to the cast, and has honestly impacted me.

He is just an amazingly caring teacher. Without giving any sort of spoilers, he constantly goes beyond the calling of his job, placing his students above all else (coaching sports, tutoring, ect.). His care for his students make this show. On a personal level I also need to thank this show for making me appreciate teachers I have had that have cared about me similarly to Koro Sensei.