Jan 11, 2019
HammockChi (All reviews)
I have a strange relationship with "edgy" anime. By edgy I mean, anime full of gore, violence and mature themes like rape, death and abuse. And by "strange relationship" I mean, I don't really like watching them, but I do have a morbid curiosity for it. Anime for me is a form of escapism, I watch it to forget about my shitty life and problems, so I like to watch lighthearted, fun shows, but I can't deny that anime and manga like Mahou Shoujo Site pick my interest by their premise alone.

Still, I rarely watch them to completion, finding their content too much for my delicate sensibilities. That's what I thought it was gonna happen when I started reading MSS. I just wanted to see what the story was all about and didn't plan to read too much. It was late anyway. But once I started, I didn't stop until almost 60 chapters later.

Violence and gore are predominant, but what really gripped me was the plot. It's full of mystery, twists and turns. I'm not sure why this isn't tagged as a Thriller here in MyAnimeList because MSS it's an incredibly effective one. Once you start, it's very hard to stop, each chapter being well-paced and feeding you enough questions and answers to keep you satisfied but still craving for more.

That aside, one of my favorite things about it, it's how they implemented the special powers. Each girl is given a different object which grant them distinctive powers. I can't explain exactly why, but I just love it when a series does that. Sakura Card Captors did something similar with each card giving her a different power-up, as did several other shows, it's not exactly original but it never stops being entertaining to me. Each time a new one is introduced I'm filled with wonder about their capabilities and techniques which enhances the entire experience of reading this manga.

I have read all the current released chapters, and it seems to be close to the end, which is great because I don't think they would manage to stretch this one much longer. Now I'm just hoping for a satisfying conclusion, and this will be a manga I'll recommend for years to come.