Jan 11, 2019
So as a person who has been evading idol related series all her life, I was convinced that I wouldn't enjoy this one. A friend recommended it to me a while ago, so I told myself why not? At least there are hot guys! But how wrong I was. Idolish7 is a lot more than that.

Story: 8/10
The story isn't anything complex. Basically a group of 7 guys reunite to form an idol group from scratch. But don't think that things will come easy for these guys, actually it's all the opposite. We get to see a quite realistic story in which fame doesn't come as easy as you'd like. Our lovely group must face different situations that will complicate their path to glory. There's even an episode in which they perform in front of just 9 persons and other in which fake rumors about them are spread once they start getting some fame. However, the dramatic or negative moments help the characters to grow and are well balanced along with comedy and heart warming moments. The only complaint I have is that the last episodes felt a bit rushed, but overall the story is nicely done.

Art: 8/10
What can I say about this? The art is simply gorgeous! All the characters look really handsome, and everything's so colorful and vivid. A real delight for the sight, no doubt. Also, the show constantly makes use of CCG, more specifically during the song performances. I'm not an expert in CCG stuff, but at least I can say that it wasn't great nor bad. It was ok for its purpose. Finally, there's also a lot of chibi moments. They are cute as you can expect from chibis, and contribute a lot to the comedic moments.

Sound: 9/10
Now let's go with one of my favorite aspects from this show... the sound. The voice actors made an excellent job in this one since each voice fits the character's personality perfectly. I also liked how each group portrayed their own style in each song. The songs by Idolish7 are more catchy and suitable to dance and have fun, while the songs by Trigger are more elegant and serious, but equally enjoyable.

Character: 8/10
What I like about this anime the most is that despite presenting a huge cast of characters, it gives some development to everyone. We get to see what motivates each guy to become an idol and how each one of them deals with their fame as individuals and as part of a group. There are many character interactions that allow us to appreciate how each member feels and how they get along with the other members.

And let's not forget about the rival group, Trigger. This group is already famous and basically our main characters aspire to reach the level of fame they have. The three members of Trigger are really charismatic. I really enjoyed their performances and their interactions with the main characters. At the end I decided that my favorite character from this series was one of the members of Trigger, so no doubt I enjoyed their existence on here.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Did I enjoy this? Of course I did! I'd rewatch it without hesitation. The characters are interesting, the comedy is good, the music is great...yeah, I did enjoy this more than I expected from an idols show.

Overall: 8/10
I'd definitely recommend this to anyone, even to guys. There isn't unnecessary fanservice that'd bother them and the story flows really well. And most important of all, the characters aren't unidimensional, they grow and so does your interest in them. So if you're looking for something simple but well done, don't look anywhere else!
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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