Jan 11, 2019
DarkandDark2004 (All reviews)
Haikyuu an anime made by Haruichi Furudate. Is a very unique anime. There are three seasons in Haikyuu, where the main Hinata and Kageyama Tobio want to reach the nationals. Together they make a unique attack called "irrelevant fast attack", that is only them who can manage that attack. The attack became even more powerful in season 2. Where Hinata and Kageyama had a fight, because Hinata wants to also be able to play by himself. And yeah, probably they both trained hard as hell, and they made an even stronger bond than they had before.

I love this anime man. Otakus. I know you guys totally have read one review like this, but I just want you guys to have a refreshed mind about Hiakyuu. Some of you may already forgot about Haikyuu, but yeah. The last season of Haikyuu is about to air in 2019. So please enjoy and support. Add me as friend as well id you like!