Jan 11, 2019
Shaskavalier (All reviews)
Through all the anime I have watched, the Mecha genre has never really stood out to me. Few and far between do I find one which keeps me engaged and enthralled, usually finding that I'm missing a key component that makes me want more, and it doesn't ever sit right with me. As a person who enjoys previous works by studio Trigger, I took it upon myself to give SSSS.Gridman a fighting chance. Surprisingly, it didn't ever give me that something more, but kept me intrigued with "less."

What you just read may come across as a shock to you, especially since you most likely have no idea where I'm going with this. How could a show with "lesser" substance be that something more I have looked for in a Mecha series? Through simple and effective, childlike entertainment. I honestly and truly felt akin to being a young child, opening a new Lego set for the first time. The story was simple and detached from anything unnecessary, portraying a simple premise and setting with little to no explanation, but visual representation of the world. The artistic design choice by Trigger, albeit sometimes clunky and humorous CGI brought about feelings of actual toy robots and monsters in a childlike dream world. The sound effects, music and impressively simple minded tracks containing a heroic charm got me pumped and ready for some innocent and fun kaiju battles. Second to none of course to Triggers beautiful and expressive delivery of it's characters and interactions left me feeling blissful.

My enjoyment with the series had me continuing to come back each week unboxing that little new Lego set that kept me motivated to come back for more each time a new episode had aired. This was a unique experience to me, as it has continued my ever growing dabbling into the Mecha genre, but to be fair I cannot be expected to find what I enjoyed about it in more anime of a similar formula. Refreshing, simplistic and easy to take in, I implore you to give this show a shot if you to want to experience a not so heavy commitment that gives off a straightforward childlike charm.