Jan 10, 2019
YohanViLiebert (All reviews)
a really funny and sensual anime, I had a good time with this anime, definitely worth it, kinda dark humor but still so funny, check this anime out if your are into reverse rape kinda shit!

the plot is awesome! a demon who rapes males and well that's it

she has a geass! that can Command anyone to reach an orgasm! damn if I had that geass I definitely used it to make my uncle cum faste... oh sorry I got carried away!!

ANYWAY good comedy so go ahead and watch it

just writing more so that MAL allows my review:
The most annoying game I've ever had but I don't think it was so bad I couldn't find a better one for you but I think you are a lot better and if the first place I would get to see a little bit of the rest but it was the only reason why we are to be