Jan 4, 2019
Hime-han (All reviews)
Bobobo-bo is certainly an anime of one of it's kind. With the hilarious character of Bobobo, and so many hilarious moments, with not only Bobobo, but also Don Patchi, Beauty, Hekkun and the others it's certainly something that should be watched. With many quirky moments, that are not expected, especially during the fight scenes, it will certainly make you carry on watching. Perhaps, the characters are rather unusual at some moments, but you will quickly get to like them, with their varied attitudes, to their adventure. At some times it may question their character, but it would quite certainly make you want to watch further. In addition to that, what really caught my attention is the opening song. It truly is one of a kind, and it's super catchy, so be warned, you may want to listen to it on repeat. Whenever it's true to the manga, I am yet to see, as I haven't read it, but regardless of whenever you watch or read first, you should see this anime.