Jan 3, 2019
matthigh (All reviews)
This is such glorious trash! It's one of those rare anime that are terrible in so many ways, yet that is what makes it enjoyable to watch. If that's your sort of thing.

One of the earliest OVAs to be produced, this follows the adventures of a clueless girl who is teleported to another world, is befriended by a goofy-looking talking dog, and the key to returning to Earth is her Walkman.

The premise of this show is so, so stupid. And the way it is written is also gloriously stupid as well. Plot be damned, and full speed ahead. Don't try to think too much when watching this, you'll only hurt your brainbits.

And yet, as loopy as the story is, the artwork and quality of the animation are, well, pretty impressive. There's some top-notch animated action scenes in the middle of this, and some pretty awesome world-building designs to boot. Someone threw quite a bit of money into making this - it's a shame the story falls so, so very short.